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The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), established in 1973, is an agency that serves millions of professionals in over 43 regulated professions in the Philippines, such as architecture, engineering, nursing, accounting, and education. Anyone who has passed a licensure examination needs to get an ID from the PRC before starting to practice the profession legally.

What Is PRC ID

PRC ID, also called Professional Identification Card (PIC) or PRC license, is a legal document that proves a highly skilled person is a registered professional in the Philippines. It is also a certified ID in the following conditions:

  • Transacting with government or private institutions. For example, only licensed engineers are allowed to sign and submit plans to the government. Only licensed healthcare professionals can make a prescription or provide medical services.
  • Applying for positions such as architect, engineer, doctor, dentist, therapist, accountant, veterinarian, and so on
  • Applying for national ID or other identity documents.

PRC ID is a plastic card containing a photograph, signature, full name, registration number, registration date, expiry date, and professional title. When it comes to "where is the license number in PRC ID", it is a 7-digit license number marked as Registration No.

PRC ID Requirements

To qualify for a PRC ID, you must pass the professional licensure examination which is open to Filipinos aged between 18 and 21 years old with no criminal record and a government-recognized diploma.

All eligible professionals must submit the following supporting documents at first-time registration.

  • Printed Oath Form (available on PRC website after registration)
  • PRC ID photo that complies with official guidelines
  • 2 sets of metered documentary stamps (available at the selected PRC office)
  • Community Tax Certificate

PRC ID Photo Requirements

ID photos are required for both initial registration or renewal. Unqualified photos will lead to the rejection of your application. Below are the official guidelines for ID pictures for PRC ID.

PRC ID Photo Size

The photo must be 2 inches in width and 2 inches in height (PRC ID size in cm: 5.08x5.08). The whole face (from the forehead to the chin and ears) and upper shoulder must be visible.

Photo Format and Quality

When uploading the digital photo, it must be in .jpg format. When submitting a paper print, it should be sharp and clearly printed on high-quality photo paper.


The picture must be colored instead of black-and-white taken against a plain white background. There should be no shadows, stains, strips, or distracted items on the backdrop.

Photo Age

The photo must be taken within the last 6 months upon uploading so as to reflect the applicant's current look. Any photo that does not resemble you will be rejected.


It is suggested to wear decent clothes with a collar, such as shirts, blouses, suits, etc. However, uniforms and sleeveless clothes are not recommended. To contrast with the white background, it should be in dark colors, such as black, blue, or gray.


The authority does not allow applicants to wear eyeglasses, whether prescription ones or sunglasses. If you wear contact lenses, make sure it is clear and don't cover your original pupil color. In terms of earrings, necklaces or piercings, they should not cover your face or reflect lights.


It's recommended that you wear whatever hairstyle you like as long as it is neatly organized and doesn't obscure your face.


The lighting must be evenly spread over the subject to prevent shadows and obvious light/shade contrast. Natural daylight is recommended if you take a picture at home.


Look straight at the camera with your head in the center. Don't rotate, tilt the head or shrug shoulders at any angle. Sit or stand erect in front of a white background with both arms hanging naturally.

Facial Expressions

Keep a neutral expression. A gentle smile is acceptable, but don't make faces, pout, or frown.

How Many Photos Are Required for the PRC ID Application

In the Philippines, 2x2 inch PRC ID photos with full name signature are required for initial application while 1 for renewal. When visiting the PRC branch, we suggest you bring a few more photos in case of any accidental damages or extra requirements. Make sure they look identical and satisfy the official PRC ID requirements.

How To Take PRC ID Pictures at Home

Nowadays, smartphones are advanced enough to take high-quality photos. With the help of AI, you can make a qualified PRC ID photo at home. AiPassportPhotos is a popular example. It is an online tool compatible with various operating systems and devices. After uploading the picture, a built-in AI photo expert can automatically check photo compliance, adjust PRC ID picture size, and replace the background. The whole process takes only a few seconds.

Make Use of Natural Daylight

Find a well-lit room with a white wall on a sunny day. You can also hang up a white sheet and take a shot in front of it. Even if you have neither of them, AiPassportPhotos will change an unqualified background. Face the light source and let the sunlight evenly shine on you.

Use Tripod or Ask for Another Person's Help

Selfies or life photos posted on social media do not fit the document requirements because it is hard to pose properly and take clear pictures with the front camera. It is suggested to set the camera about 3-5 feet (about 1-1.5m) away from you. Therefore, you are supposed to ask a friend or family to shoot or use a tripod to hold the device. Don't use a flash in case of red-eye effects or changing natural skin color.

Follow the Official Rules

Remember to satisfy requirements for PRC ID photo size, photo format and quality, lighting, background, dress code, accessories, hairstyle, pose, and facial expressions. Otherwise, your application might be turned down.

Take Several Shots

You can take more than one picture, so you have more choices when any of them are not compliant. You can upload them to AiPassportPhotos as many times as you like and preview the results before downloading the most satisfactory one.

How to Crop the Photo to PRC ID Photo Size?

AiPassportPhotos is an excellent photo resizer equipped with hundreds of photo templates for various identity photos. Let's see how to crop a picture to fit PRC ID picture size requirements.

  1. Take a picture with a smartphone or camera according to the PRC ID photo requirements.
  2. Visit AiPassportPhotos' official website.
  3. Select the Philippines and PRC ID photo for Document Type.
  4. Click on the "Upload a Photo" button and choose the picture from a local file.
  5. Wait for a few seconds while the system scans the image and checks compliance. If your photo is qualified, it will automatically adjust its size.
  6. Preview the result and download the edited picture.

Frequently Asked Questions about PRC ID Photo

  • Can I wear glasses in the photo?

No. Otherwise, the authority will turn down your application.

  • Can I wear contact lenses in the photo? 

Yes, but make sure to wear clear or transparent ones. Colored contact lenses are not suggested.

  • What to do if I can't find a plain white background?

Take a picture in front of a wall and use AiPassportPhotos to replace it with a white background.

  • Can I wear a T-shirt in the PRC ID photo? 

No, you must wear attire with collars, such as T-shirts, blouses, or suits.

How To Get PRC ID

The registration includes creating an online account on the PRC website and submitting supporting documents in person. Here is an ultimate guide.

  • Create a PRC Online Account 

Go to PRC Online Services. Read the terms and conditions under the "REGISTER" section and click on the "I AGREE" button at the bottom. Provide all required information and click on the "REGISTER" button, such as full name, date of birth, email address, and password. 

  • Complete Online Profile

Input Username (e-mail address) and password in the "SIGN IN" section. Then you will be directed to the Profile page where you need to provide your parents' and your personal information, enter educational details, offer details of a valid ID, and upload an ID photo. A list of valid IDs for PRC application involves a Philippine Identification Card (Phil ID), passport, etc.

  • Selecting Transaction

You will select transactions for application of the professional licensure examination (including name, type, date, and place of examination) and initial registration. 

  • Book an Online Appointment

In this section, you will choose when and where to submit applications in person. It is suggested to choose the nearest branch. Click on the "PROCEED" button to select the payment method which includes paying online or at the PRC counter. If you want to change your appointment, click the "RESCHEDULE" button. A reason for a new appointment date is required.

  • Pay for the PRC ID Registration Fee

Acceptable online payment methods include BancNet/LANDBANK/GCash, UCPB, PayMaya, and Credit/Debit card. If you choose "PRC-Cashier", you will pay at the selected branch while attending the appointment. The initial registration fee ranges from PHP 0 to PHP 600 depending on profession types.

  • Print out the Oath Form

It is available on the "Existing Transaction" after logging in to the PRC online account. It displays only when your payment is confirmed. Click the Print icon on top of the document to download it and print it out.

  • Attend the Appointment

Visit the selected PRC branch on the scheduled date and time with all required documents. Submit the Oath Form, sign the Registry Sheet, and submit fingerprints. The officer will issue a claim slip to you.

  • Collect the PRC ID

Return to the PRC branch on the date stated on the claim slip, take the oath, and pick up your ID by showing the claim slip. It is required to sign the releasing log sheet to verify that you have received the card.

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