Pictures for Official Documents in the Philippines

The official identification documents of America include passport cards, identity cards, permanent resident cards(green cards) and minor's IDs. Though they serve for different purposes and have different application processes, they all have pictures attached to show the appearance of the holder. Thus, before your application, you should prepare your picture well. If you have little knowledge about the photo regulations, don't worry, because our AI-based photo editing tool has mastered them. So, feel assured to upload your image to our website and we will give a perfect one back to you.

Mandatory Rules of Photos for Philippines Official Documents

Creating a standard picture is a must to apply for the official documents in the Philippines. Let's start with your Philippines passport photo and Philippines ID photo because they have the same dimensions(35 x 45 mm). However, they have different background colors: the background of the passport photo is blue while that of the ID photo is white. As for most of Philippines official documents, they require the applicant to stand straight, keep his/her head square to the camera and directly look at the camera lens. What's more, the photo must be no more than six months old and reflect the recent appearance of the applicant. The applicant is not allowed to wear dark glasses, tinted glasses or glasses with heavy frames. Besides, the applicant should stick to a neutral facial expression. In short, the photo should be of high quality, well lit and present a clear appearance of the applicant.