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Dimensions for a Photo for Acknowledgment of Employment Contracts

  • Size

    Width: 3 cm

    Height: 4 cm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    600 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 30 mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 2.5 mm

  • Background Color


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About the Document

The acknowledgment of employment contracts (so-called red ribbon) of Filipinos who are employed in Sweden and Finland is a requirement for Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) issued by Overseas Employment Agency in the Philippines.

According to POEA rules, “No employer shall directly hire an overseas Filipino worker for overseas employment.” The following are exceptions: members of the diplomatic corps, international organizations, heads of state, and government officials with the rank of at least deputy minister; those employing professionals and skilled workers, and those hiring relative/family members except domestic workers.

Getting the document needs a perfectly matched photo, so you need to know some general dimensions of the photo.

Basic Guideline for the Photo

According to the rules, you will know how to ensure the photos you submit are 100% correct. The first step is to read our guidelines and the second is to seek help from AiPassportPhotos to help ensure that your photo meets all official requirements. With our article, web-based service, and your smartphone, you will be able to create the perfect photo in just a couple of seconds, it really is that easy. Let’s have a closer look at the guideline:

  • The photo should be in color.
  • The photo should be sharp and in focus.
  • The required size should be 30 mm×40 mm.
  • The photo should be properly exposed.
  • The photo should be taken within 6 months.

You will also need to know how to pose correctly and how your head must be positioned when taking the photo, how to correctly crop your image to ensure it fits the official requirements, as well as which objects or accessories are allowed or forbidden in your photo. We will go through this step by step to ensure that you have every piece of information available to you. Let’s dive into details!

Pose and Composition

Once you are standing in front of the camera, remember not to tilt your head in any direction and look straight at the lens. You shouldn’t be too far or too close, just make sure that all of your head and the top of your shoulders are in the photo.

You should note that the minimum head height should be 30 mm, top of the head should be at a minimum of 2.5 mm from the top.

The photo must expose the full frontal view of your head, with your face in the middle of the image.

Facial Expression of the Photo

Do not smile in the photo that will be used for your acknowledgment of employment contracts. Have a neutral facial expression with your mouth closed and eyes open. Smiling, frowning, and making faces will result in the picture being rejected. Some people say that the biometric photo looks a bit like a mugshot and we agree. Smiling might distort facial recognition, that’s why it is not allowed.

Lighting Condition

That’s right, the best lighting is always natural lighting. Our tip is to stand or sit approximately 1.5-2 meters from the window while taking the photo. The light in the picture must be evenly shared on both sides of your face, this is to avoid shadows. A flash lamp is not recommended as it will cause shining on the skin and an unnatural red-eye effect. Apart from the fact that red eyes look unattractive, this effect will cause your photo to be rejected. Keep in mind that any shadows on your face are undesirable and an overexposed photo will not match the requirements.

Glasses in the Photo

You may wear them if you wear them every day as they are part of your natural look. Remember that prescription glasses must be non-tinted and you must ensure that your eyes are visible and that the frames do not cover any part of your eyes. Sunglasses are not acceptable.

However, considering the glasses can easily cause glare, we highly recommend that you should remove your eyeglasses when you are taking a photo.

Head Covering

It is acceptable if you need to put it on for religious reasons. Just make sure that your full face is clearly visible and that your facial features can be fully exposed in the picture. In other cases, you aren’t allowed to have your head covered in the photo. 

Clothes in the Photo

You can wear what makes you feel comfortable for your photo for acknowledgment of the employment contract. We highly suggest that you should wear something decent and elegant. A good idea for you is to choose a shirt in dark color which can form a sharp contrast with the background. It is not a good idea for you to wear a tank top, which might make you look naked in the photo.

How Can You Get the Photo Online?

You can now get a compliance-guaranteed photo online at home. Just simply take a photo against any background with your cell phone, and upload the target photo to the website. We can then provide you with a professional photo instantly.

Apart from perfecting your photo, we can also verify the photo for you intelligently. You can be uneasy about the acceptance of the photo after you have submitted the photo to the government. However, our compliance tests can deliver peace of mind for you. Both manual and technology testing will be conducted on your target photo, and you will surely get a guaranteed photo without any delay.

Mistakes that Cause Rejection

If you want to get your document quickly and without problems, make sure that you meet the photo requirements released by the government. To avoid errors, you should know what the most commonly made mistakes are, and luckily for you, we made a list:

  • Your head is tilted or you are not facing the camera directly,
  • There are patterns or shadows in the background,
  • You are smiling, frowning, grimacing, or making any face other than a neutral expression,
  • You are not looking straight at the camera,
  • Your face has partly been covered by anything from hair, headwear, or jewelry,
  • There is glare on your glasses or they are causing shadows to be cast on your face,
  • Your face is not centered.

Advantages of Using Our Online Photo Creator

A professional photo store is no longer the sole option for you in the new era.

Now you can also take your perfect photo for any official document in the place of your choosing, wherever you have time and willingness. You do not need to risk getting infected and losing any of your precious time. Instead, you have many new likelihoods which are unavailable while taking a picture in a photo booth or photography studio. These are some of them:

  •  You can resize your photo to the size you want according to the document you are applying for.
  • You can change the background.
  • You will save your money because you can get the printout version via email on our website, and it will be a price-considerate option for you to print your photo out.
  • You can create your photo regardless of time and place.
  • You can get printout photos and delibered straight to your home.

We can just be your best assistant in photo-making! Just come and have a great deal with us! 

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