Pictures for Official Documents

Official documents are documents that can present the identity of the applicant. Not only Indian passports but also Indian ID cards, driver's licenses, and PAN cards are valid official documents in India. You must have your compliant photos taken so that you can apply for any of these documents mentioned above. However, checking all the photo regulations through the Indian official websites on your own can sometimes be troublesome. Therefore, we have gathered the photo rules you may be interested in for you to consider.

Sizes and Requirements for Photos for Official Documents in India

It is necessary to equip yourself with all the must-know photo specifications before taking your pictures. Taking the Indian passport photo as an example, the size of an Indian passport photograph should be 3.5 x 4.5 cm. The background of the photos must be white, with no other patterns or items. Apart from the size and background rules, the photographs should be of good quality and in focus. Besides, the applicant's whole face and the upper shoulders should be in the frame, with his/her eyes open and clearly visible, and his/her mouth closed. The date you take your photos also matters. Keep in mind that your photos should not be older than 6 months.

Other Indian official documents follow the same photo rules mentioned above. If you want to learn more details of other Indian official documents like ID cards or driver's licenses, you can refer to the specific documents at the bottom of this page.