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Rejection is depressing, but you will never experience discouragement anymore with the fully-featured photo tool, for AiPassportPhotos will ensure 100% acceptance of your photos.

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Size Requirements of Visa to Japan

  • Size

    Width: 45 mm

    Height: 45 mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    600 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 34.5 mm

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 3 mm

  • Background Color


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What Are the Visa Photo Requirements for Japan?

When you are planning to travel to Japan, you will need to make sure your passport /visa is ready to go, and this includes having an ensured Japan passport and visa photo taken. To make sure that your photograph is sufficient, just take a closer look at the detailed requirements for Japanese passports and visa.

  • The size of the Japanese Visa photo should be the exact measurement of 45mm x 45mm. Your head from the tip of the chin to the top of the head, as well as its both sides, must be fully visible in the image. When taking the photo, make sure that your head should take up approximately 70-80% of the image (between 32mm to 36mm). Also, you are supposed to give a 2-6mm gap from the top of your head to the edge of the photo.
  • Keep your eyes looking directly toward the camera with a neutral facial expression. (No smile and keep your mouth closed)
  • Ensure that your eyes are open and visible. If you have worn prescription glasses, be sure the frames are not blocking your eyes. However, you should remember sunglasses or tinted lenses are not allowed.
  • Your photos should be taken in six months, or you might fail to verify your identification through your photos.
  • Background of solid white only.
  • Despite the lack of absolute rules for clothing, it is suggested that you should wear a shirt that won’t blend with the plain background.
  • Keep lighting equal on your face. Both your faces should be illuminated. Just make sure that there won’t be underexposure or overexposure.
  • All headwear shouldn’t be worn unless for religious reasons. Even if you have worn the hats or headgear, you should make sure it won’t cover any part of your face and avoid failure to identify your identity.
  • Submit color and original photos rather than black and white ones.  

Being clear about the above rules helps you have perfect and compliant photos for your Japanese passport and visas.

What About the Specific Composition and Facial Expression?

The composition of biometric passport and visa photos are strictly specified. Japan is no exception. The candidate’s head must be positioned in the central position of the image and not tilted in any direction. Also, there are some rules in facial expression:

  • You must look straight at the camera and keep your eyes open.
  • You cannot smile or frown.
  • Your mouth must be closed, but not tightened.
  • Your whole face must be clearly visible, making sure that there is nothing can obscure your face.

Can You Wear Jewelry in Your Passport Photos?

Yes, you can wear a necklace or earrings, but you should make sure that what you wear cannot cover your face and jawline, or produce any glares. Anything that might obscure your facial features is not recommended when you are taking a passport or visa photo.

Can You Edit the Passport Photo with a Photo Editing Tool?

We are sorry to tell you that you are not allowed to edit your passport photos. You can’t use Photoshop or any filter to make your photo more perfect or remove the scars or blemishes. Photos with any alternation will be rejected.

What About the Rules for Japanese Visa of Babies and Infants?

One prerequisite of taking a vacation outside Japan must have their own documents. It means that your child should have his passport as well. However, the passport and visa photos for kids can be tricky. Here are a few tricks for you:  

  • Your kid should be the only one in the image. If you are holding your kid, make sure that the lens won’t grasp your hands.
  • In the same way, the background should be white. If your kid is against the background of a car seat or some dark background, you should cover it with a white sheet or cloth.
  • The eyes should be open in the shot. 

How Much Should You Pay for the Japanese Visa Photos?

Preparing a proper visa photo can be a task that cost a lot of money. The conventional option for fetching passport or visa photos in Japan costs around 1000 yen and does not include an expert checking service. The pricey option has led to the emergence of online passport photo generators like AiPassportPhotos. With the help of the tool, you can get the task done with about 817 yen. In addition, the tool can help you resize your photos, ensuring 100% compliance with your photos. The dual reassurance of experts and AI technology will help you pass the compliance of the official authorities. The tool can also help you cope with photos of babies, and infants. Therefore, it can surely be a cost-saving resort.

How Can You Get Japanese Visa Photos Online?

The first step is to take your perfect photo on your cell phone. As biometric photos have stricter rules, selfies won’t be allowed in the Visa photo. However, you can still find a way out. For instance, you can take a photo at home by yourself with the presence of a tripod. Just make sure that you have grasped the specifications of Japanese Visa photos. Or you can ask one of your family members to help you take a photo.

With a photo taken, AiPassportPhotos will support you to upload the target photo and help you resize the photo, which can ensure that your photos will be cropped in the right size. The photo tool can make sure 100% compliance with your photos. Therefore, your photos will never get rejected. Furthermore, you won’t need to wait for hours in the photo studios. Instead, you can get the digital version at home within seconds. 

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