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Requirements and Dimensions of PIO Photo (35mm×35mm)

  • Size

    Width: 35 mm

    Height: 35 mm

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    300 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 67%

    Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 58%

  • Background Color


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What Does PIO Mean?

PIO is short for Person of Indian Origin (PIO), which means whose ancestors were permanent Indian residents. In other words, PIO status is for an individual who is a citizen of another country (except Bangladesh and Pakistan) and their ancestors are from India by virtue of the Constitution of India or the Citizenship Act, 1955.

The spouse of an Indian citizen will also be considered PIO. A PIO might have been a citizen of India and now has taken citizenship of another country.

Investment by PIO in Indian Securities is treated the same as the investment by non-resident Indians (NRIs) and requires the same approvals and enjoys the same exemptions.

According to the Gazette of India (Part-I, Section-I), all the persons with POI Card Holder under new PIO Card scheme 2002 will be converted to overseas citizen of India cardholders. All the POI cards were valid till 31st March 2019 to exit/enter into India. PIO scheme is not in existence after 15th Jan 2015.

Getting the document requires you to gain a proper photo. Here are basic requirements and details about the photo.

Basic Guidelines for a PIO Photo

Fulfillment of the basic photo requirements can be one of the preconditions for getting the PIO. Let’s explore the basic conditions listed here:

  • The size (width x height) of India PIO (Person of Indian Origin) photo is 35 x 35 (in mm) or 3.5 x 3.5 (in cm) or 1.38x1.38 (in inches) or 827x827 (in pixels at 600DPI)
  • The minimum head height should be 24.5mm. Top of the head should be at a minimum of 2.5mm from the top. (If you are using our AI Automatic Passport Photo generator, the photos will be automatically set to these facial biometric requirements.)
  • Photo for India PIO (Person of Indian Origin) should be taken in a white background. 
  • You should print the India PIO (Person of Indian Origin) photo on glossy/matte type of photo paper.

Knowing the details can also help you have a smooth application process!

Shadows and Colors in PIO Photos

Your PIO photos should reflect your actual eye color and skin color. Therefore, you can’t alter your photo via software such as Photoshop. No color filters and no special effects are accepted either.  

No shadows should appear on your face or in the background. We highly suggest you should take a wide shot in natural daylight. Friendly tip: Do not use flash, as it may produce a "red eye" effect that will disqualify your photo.

PIO Photos-Headgear, Makeup, and Jewelry

If you’re someone who likes to exaggerate on makeup and accessories, read the guidelines below:

  • You may wear makeup and jewelry in an official biometric photo for your PIO card online. Be careful, and don’t over-do it, as excessive makeup will get your photo rejected.
  • Excessive jewelry will also cause your application to be declined. Facial features such as your ears and jawline should be entirely visible, so don’t wear oversized earrings.
  • You cannot wear any sort of fashion headgear such as hats, caps, headbands, or headpieces. Exceptions can be made for head coverings worn for religious and cultural reasons like turbans, yarmulkes, and hijabs. Keep in mind that your headgear cannot obscure your face in any way.

Glasses or Sunglasses in PIO Photos

It is forbidden to wear sunglasses or tinted glasses in your PIO photos, even if they are prescribed for medical reasons. You are allowed to take your photos for PIO wearing prescription glasses if needed; however, they can’t block the view of the eyes and they can’t be thick-rimmed. Make sure there is no glare on the lenses and no shadows are cast on the face. We suggest people who wear glasses take them off when having their picture taken, just to be safe.

Hairstyles and Beards in PIO Photos

Your hair cannot block your face or cover your eyes. People with bangs and big hair need to make sure their hair doesn’t go past their eyebrow line. Also, your hair should not extend beyond the photo edge, so we advise you to tie it back. If you normally have a beard, it is okay to keep it for your PIO photo.

What Can You Wear for Your PIO Photos?

You are free to wear whatever clothes you like, but keep in mind that uniforms, camouflage patterns, and clothes that resemble uniforms are not allowed. It is a better idea for you to wear something casual. It is not recommended to wear light-colored clothes, which can blend into the white photo background. Tank tops should also be avoided, as they could make you look naked.

Common Errors in the PIO Photos

Having to redo your whole application just because your photo was rejected is pretty annoying. To prevent this frustrating situation, we’ve listed some common mistakes that can be easily avoided:

  • Smiling, pouting your lips (the “duck face”), or having any other unnatural facial expression. Smiling in your photo will get it rejected every time - the photo should always resemble a mugshot!
  • Bad quality photos - both in terms of resolution and focus, as well as damage to the actual printed photo (creases, marks, stains, etc.).
  • Uneven lighting - the light must be evenly distributed on your face, without shadows or hot spots.
  • Bad posture, not standing up straight, tilting of the head - you must stand up straight and look directly at the camera. If your head is tilted or your eyes are not looking into the lens, your picture will be rejected.
  • Digitally retouched pictures. Using software like Photoshop to modify your appearance is not allowed. Your PIO photo has to reflect your actual appearance.

PIO Photo Tool Powered By AI

Do you want to be 100% sure that your photo meets all the official photo requirements? Of course, you do! Rest assured that biometric Photo Online generator is guaranteed to give you complete satisfaction. If an uploaded photo validated by our AI is not accepted by the authorities, we will fix the problem instantly!

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