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    Width: 35 mm

    Height: 35 mm

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    300 dpi

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  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 67%

    Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 58%

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PCC Photo Guidelines

Once you start gathering information about the PCC application, you come across the points about photo submission. As PCCs are biometric documents, it is necessary to satisfy all the requirements. Otherwise, your photos may be rejected and you will be required to repeat all the procedures. If you want to be sure that your biometric photo is adequate, read our guide.

After Reading Our Article You Will Know

  • The biometric photo requirements;
  • The required size of an Indian PCC photo;
  • How to pose for your photograph;
  • How to take a correct photo with your device.

Basic Requirements for the PCC Photos

Biometric photos have strict specifications. It means that you need to prepare a standard picture for your application on your own and if you meet all the requirements, you will pass the application without a problem. You just need to know everything about:

  • Size;
  • Colors;
  • Background;
  • Lighting;
  • Head position;
  • Facial expression;
  • Allowed and forbidden accessories such as head covering and glasses, etc.

Dimensions Regarding the PCC Photos

The demanded dimensions for a PCC photo are:

  • The photo must be 35 mm in width and 35 mm in height.
  • The resolution should be 600 dpi.
  • The head must occupy 70%-80% of the photograph. The minimum height should be 24.5 mm, and the top of the head should be at a minimum of 2.5 mm from the top.
  • The digital version should be 600 pixels in width and 600 pixels in height.

Your entire head and neck must be visible in the picture, optionally also the upper part of the shoulders.

The Desired Composition and Position of the Head in PCC Photos

There are some main rules you must follow to take a correct photo. You should bear in mind that:

  • The head must be positioned in the central spot of the image;
  • The head must not be tilted in any direction;
  • You must look straight at the camera;
  • You must keep your mouth closed but not tightened; keep your eyes open;
  • You must not smile or frown in the photo;
  •  Your whole face must be clearly visible.

Make sure that:

  • Your head covering (if you wear one) does not cover your jawline;
  • Your hair is off your face;
  • The edges of your face are not obscured by earrings.

Lighting in the PCC Photos

Flash is responsible for the “red eye” effect. The best light for taking your photograph is daylight. If this is impossible, just use a strong light source and make sure that your face is being illuminated evenly on both sides.

Pay attention to brightness and contrast in your photo. Remember that overexposed and underexposed photos will be rejected as well as pictures with shadows or reflections.

Colors in the PCC Photos

Your photos must reflect your natural skin tone and eye color. Therefore, you shouldn’t submit black-and-white photos. Make sure you look natural in your photos.

There is also a strict requirement regarding the background color. It must be white or light grey – no other colors are acceptable. Moreover, the background must be uniform and there can be no other people or objects visible. Your photo cannot contain shadows or glares.

There are no requirements about clothing colors but it is not recommended to wear a shirt or headscarf (if you wear it for religious reasons) in the same color as the background. Avoid white and light grey hair coverings to be sure that your face is clearly visible and well contrasted in the photograph.

Dress Code for the PCC Photos

In terms of the dress code for PCC t pictures, there is only one and it applies to head coverings. They must be in a solid color, free of patterns, and worn only in case of religious reasons. Other (fashion) head coverings are not allowed.

The best advice is: dress the way you like. If you put on something semi-casual or elegant, it will be the best choice. You should avoid shirts that look too casual (for example tank tops), because they could make you look naked.

Accessories in PCC Photos

We don’t recommend huge hair accessories and scarves. If you have facial jewelry, you do not need to remove it to take the photo, but the piercings cannot cast a shadow or produce a glare on your skin.

If you wear eyeglasses every day, take them off for your picture. If you must wear them for medical reasons, you will have to provide a medical certificate then.

If you do not take off your glasses, make sure that the frames do not obscure your pupils and do not give any reflection from the lenses. Lenses must be transparent. Sunglasses and tinted glasses are unacceptable in your PCC picture.

Common Mistakes that Can Get Your Photo Rejected

What are the most commonly made mistakes in taking a biometric photo?

  • Wrong size: the required photo dimensions are 35 mm wide and 35 mm high. Any other dimensions are just wrong. If you do not know how to resize your image, head over to our online PCC phone cropping service and let the AI technology do it.
  • Bad lighting: light in the photo must be evenly distributed on both sides of your face. The appearance of shadows or glares on the face or in the background disqualifies the picture.
  • Smile: smiling is forbidden in biometric photos.
  • Glasses: Wearing glasses is not allowed. If you must wear them for medical reasons (for example after eye surgery), there is an exception but in such a case, you have to supply a medical certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner informing why you can’t remove the glasses.

PCC Photo Processing Service-Your Ideal Helper Online

Take a look at the online photo checker which easily crops, resizes, and finally verifies your photograph to make sure it is suitable. If the AI-based application approves it, you may be 100% sure that the authority processing your application will do so, too.

With this passport photo editor, you take as many shots as you wish and pay only for the ones you like. With just a few seconds, and you will get the most perfect photo in your life!

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