Photos for Official Documents in the Netherlands

Simply put, official documents are types of documents that can help in confirming the identity of the holder. As a matter of fact, the list and type of such documents are usually determined and regulated by law institutions and departments. It is worth noting that apart from being used as an identity card or a passport, official documents are also widely used as a military ID or a weapon license. And, there is one thing in common about all these documents is that a photo must be permanently attached to the specific document. In case you want more updated photo requirement information for official documents, you can easily find the list of such documents at the bottom of the page. Just keep scrolling on and get the full details you need here.

Size and Requirements of Photo for Official Documents in the Netherlands:

It is universally known that the documents have to be up to standard when the country legalizes your application. A Compliant photo is one of the elements. There is no exception for the Netherlands documents.

Common official documents in the Netherlands include a driving license, passport, identity card, and so on. Biometric photos are required in the above documents, and the photos must meet the specific requirements released by the government.

As strict rules have been established by the Dutch authorities, we can have a glance at some of them. The size must be 35×45 mm, which must show your full face (with the upper shoulders visible). Make sure you are looking straight ahead, without tilting or turning your head. The background should be bright and in a plain color, without any shadows and blemishes. The photos must be taken within 6 months before the date of application, which ensures the reflection of your current look.

We have drawn some sketches in the above part. Remembering all the rules can be a tough task, but an online Netherlands passport & visa photo maker can help you resize the photograph into the correct size, get a proper background, and ensure a compliant photo online within 3 seconds!