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Rejection is depressing, but you will never experience discouragement anymore with the fully-featured photo tool, for AiPassportPhotos will ensure 100% acceptance of your photos.

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Gone are days when you have to spend hours lining up for taking photos at a photo studio. With the help of AiPassportPhotos, you can get your online passport photos at home in seconds.

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Guidelines for 2 x 2 in Photo

  • Size

    Width: 2 in

    Height: 2 in

  • Is it suitable for online submission?


  • Resolution

    300 dpi

  • Is it printable?


  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 1.29 in

    Bottom of the Photo to the Eye Line: 1.18 in

  • Background Color


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What Are The Size Requirements of the 2 x 2 in Photo?

Each universal photo has its unique size and so do 2 x 2 in photos. The size of the 2 x 2 in photo is 2 inches in width and 2 inches in height. The length in millimeters is 51 mm and the width is 51 mm as well. In addition to the size of the photo there are requirements regarding the applicant's image. For example the applicant's head height needs to be 1.29 inches and the dimension from the bottom of the photo to the applicant's eye line should be about 1.18 inches.

Our online 2 x 2 in photo maker is good at adjusting the size of your pictures if you find it hard to meet the size requirements precisely leave the task to us!

What are the General Requirements of 2 x 2 in Photos?

To obtain a standard 2 x 2 in photo you should make sure that your photo complies with all the following requirements.

  • The 2 x 2 in photo should be clear and in sharp focus without any ink mark hole or crease. Besides, it should be of high resolution with no blur or grain.
  • The 2 x 2 in photo must be a coloured one taken within the last six months.
  • The 2 x 2 in photo should reflect the applicant's true skin tone. Using filters is not permitted.
  • The 2 x 2 in photo must have a solid white background without any patterns designs or objects.
  • The applicant should face the camera directly with a full face in view.
  • Your eyes should be visible in the picture and must not be obscured by the frames of your transparent glasses or the reflections caused by their lenses.
  • Keep a neutral expression and refrain from smiling or showing your teeth.
  • Sunglasses or tinted glasses are not allowed to wear.
  • Selfies are not acceptable.

Keep in mind all the requirements when taking your photo.

Choice of Attire in 2 x 2 in Photos

Your choice of clothes also plays an important role in determining whether your photo is compliant or not. Let's make it clear what you can not wear first. Uniforms clothing that looks like a uniform or camouflage attire are not permitted to wear. Besides you should avoid wearing off-the-shoulder clothes or clothes with a deep-V neckline. Moreover do not wear clothes that are white or have a similar color to white.

As for suggestions on clothing putting on clothes your wear on a daily basis is enough. If you want to look neat and more professional you can wear your decent and formal clothes too. Remember to put off your hat head coverings and exaggerated jewelry before taking your picture.

Light and Shadow in Your 2 x 2 in Photo

The light and shadow can be two annoying factors when making your 2 x 2 in photo since they are hard to regulate. We list some tips on how to prevent uneven light or shadows for your reference.

  • Take your picture during the daytime to take advantage of adequate natural light.
  • Make good use of the LED lamps if the light condition is not desirable.
  • Face a window or a door directly when taking your picture.
  • Put off your glasses as far as possible.

 2 x 2 in Photo--The Field of View

Since you can not use your selfies as your 2 x 2 in photo you need to ask someone else to take a picture of you. It is necessary to inform your photographer how to take the photo as well. Here we share some guidelines with you.

  • Include some space above the applicant's head and upper body in the field of view.
  • Make sure the applicant's head is in the center of the picture.
  • Ensure the camera is parallel to the face of the applicant when taking photos.
  • Arrange a proper distance between the camera and the applicant. An appropriate distance can reduce the chance that the image of the picture is too lager or too small.
  • Use normal or telephoto zoom settings to adjust the size of the image.
  • Take many pictures and select the best one.

How to Make My 2 x 2 in Photo Online?

Why not try to take your 2 x 2 in photo at home? You will never have to wait in line pay a high fee or waste your precious time. Follow these steps and you can make your picture in a quicker and more convenient way.

  1. Equip yourself with a high-quality shooting device like your smartphone or a digital camera.
  2. Set a proper camera distance choose a plain white wall and stand in front of it.
  3. Ask your family member or your friend to help your take pictures.
  4. Relax present a neutral expression and keep your eyes open and mouth closed during the whole snapping process.
  5. Select your favorite picture and resize it according to the photo requirements mentioned above.

Since most of us are not professional photographers and may not know how to adjust our photos correctly, it is necessary to ask a professional photo tool for help. AiPassportPhotos supported by advanced AI technology is an expert in perfecting universal photos. Send your picture to our service and we will give back a printable 2 x 2 in photo with global compliance within seconds! Give it a shot!

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