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    Width: 715px

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    300 dpi

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  • Image definition parameters

    Head height: 55%

    Top of the Photo to Top of the Hair: 14%

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How to Apply for an Irish Child Passport?

In Ireland, children must have their own passports and they are not covered in their parents' passports. If you want to apply for an Irish passport for your baby, the first premise is that your baby must be an Irish citizen. In most cases, the Passport Service must obtain the consent of all guardians of the child to issue a passport for the child. And you can apply for your baby's first Irish passport through two channels. One is via Passport Online and the other is by Post Passport. 

Photo Requirements for Irish Baby Passport 

If you are looking for relevant standards for Irish baby passport pictures, then you are in the right place. We will share general requirements with you as follows.

  • Quantity. 4 Identical photos taken within six months.
  • Background. It must be light grey, white, or cream.
  • Character. Your baby is alone without any person or stuff.
  • Color. The picture must be in color. 
  • Quality. The photo should be of good quality with high resolution. 
  • Position. The face of your baby should be put in the middle of the image with a front view.
  • Content. The head, neck and shoulders of your baby should be included. 

Should My Baby Open Its Eyes And Close Its Mouth When Taking Irish Baby Passport Photograph?

Generally, when taking Irish passport photos, your baby ought to open its eyes and close its mouth. However, The requirements for babies are not as strict as those of adults. For newborns and babies under one year old, they don’t necessarily have to have their eyes open and their mouths can be slightly open. What's more, they don't have to strike a perfect pose or directly gaze towards the camera. But they should present a natural facial expression and avoid crying. 

Can I Hold My Baby When Shooting Passport Photos for It?

It is totally understandable that mums and dads want to hold their baby when taking their baby's photo because the baby is too young to support itself. However, this method is not allowed for passport photos. According to official requirements, the child is the only one in the Irish passport picture. If you really want to hold your baby, then you should hide your arms behind the baby and avoid being seen from the picture. 

How to Calm My Baby Down When Taking Irish Passport Image?

 It is quite natural for your sweetheart to cry. But it will be very annoying if your baby can't stop crying when shooting passport photos. Don't worry, here are some ways to calm your baby down. 

  • Make sure that your baby has a full tummy and hasn't got any gas bubbles in its belly. It is better for you to give your baby a feed before taking photos. 
  • Make sure that the environment is nice and warm. Turn the temperature up slightly in your room and avoid any sort of cold draft blowing on your baby, or it will wake up and cry. 
  • Make a fake laugh track, then the baby will hear this and think everyone is around it finding something amusing, including its parents. 
  • Make sure that the diaper is clean and dry. 
  • Put your baby in the rocking chair and gently shake the chair.

How to Take An Irish Baby Passport Photo at Home?

If you don't want to take your baby outside to have its passport photo shot, we recommend you try it at home! This is not kidding. All you need to do is to prepare well and snap photos for your baby. Of course you can use our online picture editor to help you with the rest. Here are some tips for you.

  • Place. A room with sufficient lighting and suitable temperature.
  • Facility. Your smart phone, computer or tablet is okay as long as it can capture photos and has high definition. 
  • Position. Grab your baby and lay it gently on a bed with soft white sheet.
  • Distance. The camera should be at least 3 feet away from your baby. Adjust the distance according to the practical situation.

At the same time, you can shoot more photos as you like and pick the best one. 

How to Use Irish Baby Passport Photo Generator?

After taking photos, it is time for us to check the size and background of your passport photo. And our online photo editing tool is quite easy to use. 

  • Choose the document of "Irish Baby Passport Photo".
  • Upload your baby's photo.
  • Wait for a few seconds and receive your perfect baby passport image. 

During this process, we will automatically crop your image to the right size and remove its background. And you can trust our advanced technology and global compliance. Sounds great, right? Just have a try!

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