Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of art, and the recent release of DALL·E 2 has taken this trend to new heights. This AI program created by OpenAI is capable of generating highly detailed and imaginative images from natural language prompts. AI-generated art has already generated a lot of buzz in the art world.


If you haven’t yet seen some of the many pieces of art that have been created by AI art generators in the past couple of years, you will be fascinated by just how good some of them are. In fact, one AI art piece sold for an incredible $432,000! Although AI art is not a work of inspiration like it is with human artists, it’s still original artwork that can be every bit as beautiful and even thought-provoking whether it’s meant to be or not.

In this guide, we will explore the incredible potential of AI art, how it works, and the tools and generators available for artists to use.


How Do AI Art Generators Actually Work?

Without getting into the math behind it, AI art generators essentially pool together all of the information they can regarding artwork, including colors, compositions, and various art styles. Then, they learn from this material through machine learning.

The algorithm then interprets instructions such as a description you’ve given the art generator about what you want it to make, and processes its understanding of what you want into a work of art—within seconds!

It’s a pretty amazing piece of technology that will impress you if you take the time to use it.

Is AI Art Really Original?

There is some controversy around AI art that certain types of AI art essentially take from other artists’ work and create a sort of composite of many different samples. This of course might make artists who are selling their own work worry that AI is sampling their hard earned artwork without their permission.

And they’re right. AI art generators do that, even though some artists don’t even know. A group of artists even sued an AI generator already.

Even though AI art generators rely on thousands of other artists’ work to be able to craft their content, they can still be original enough to be unlike any one piece of artwork it sampled from. So yes, this can be considered original.


What Can AI Art Generators Be Used for?

AI art generators are actually very useful. If you’re a business and you need image contact for your social media pages and daily posts, you can actually use an AI art generator to create useful images.

They can also legitimately be used to create original and beautiful artwork that you could use to decorate your home or office. The chances are that nobody who sees it would ever suspect that it was created by AI instead of being created by a human artist. That’s how convincing the results can be.

People who are in need of original artwork for things like book covers,  advertisements, or anything else for that matter, can rely on AI generators to consistently and very cheaply provide original artwork.


What Are the Best AI Art Generators?  

There are tons of AI art generators out there to choose from, but some of the most popular websites include DallE 2, Dream Generator, and Art Breeder. Most AI art generators offer a few free trial credits which you may even be able to use without signing up with a credit card to immediately start creating AI art at no charge!

Most of these sites make their money from monthly subscriptions and/or advertising. Overall though, they’re very, very cheap considering how expensive original artwork is.


Create Passport Photos with AI Technology

Some AI art generators can actually create realistic images that look like photographs. They are, of course, not taken from a real camera, but are instead created by advanced algorithms.

The results of these image creators can be extremely realistic looking at times, while other attempts aren’t quite there yet in terms of technology.

These days, AI photo tools for users to take advantage of have come a long way as well. You can manipulate and recreate your own pictures easily.

For example, the website AI-Photo lets you turn any clear picture of yourself from the front into an ID or passport photo in just a few clicks. The editing software is extremely advanced and lets you instantly create the formal photos you need from a previously non-formal picture. It’s pretty cool and convenient technology.

The AI behind AI-Photo uses advanced facial recognition technology to analyze the input image and then make the necessary edits to create a professional-looking photo. This includes adjusting the size, removing any unwanted background, and checking compliance to create a standard image for any official documents.


AI art generators are cool and actually very powerful. You can create your own art in seconds to do whatever you want with. Try crafting your own AI art or manipulating photos with automated editing software and see for yourself how far technology has come!